The Doily Gang is a not for profit group with the primary objective being to support and encourage other lady shooters in the game of Cowboy/girl Action Shooting. We are about cowgirls helping cowgirls (no matter your age or skill level). The only membership requirement is to follow the cowgirl way.

Membership Requirements (The Cowgirl Way) …

Give Back…

  • Encourage ladies, regardless of their level or style of shooting
  • Encourage the development of women’s knowledge and skills of cowboy action shooting
  • Bring awareness of various shooting styles, equipment, and techniques of cowboy action shooting
  • Promote opportunities available to ladies (especially new shooters) that might help them overcome any anxieties about shooting
  • Be a dedicated participant/helper at all shooting events
  • Celebrate achievements of lady shooters
  • Encourage friendly competition

In addition to encouraging shooters, the Doily Gang supports efforts to increase contributions to the SASS® scholarship fund as well as other charitable organizations.

How the Doily Gang Started ...

The Doily gang was formed by Shamrock Sadie whom after shooting Cowboy Action Shooting since 2007, realized that a group needed to be created to teach, support, and encourage lady shooters. The mission was also to increase the number of women shooters and to build supportive and friendly competition amongst all skill levels of shooters to strengthen the cowgirl way. Hence, the Doily Gang was born, with Attitude and Heart!