2014 Postal Match Results

Thank you to all of the Postal Match volunteers, clubs, match directors, and shooters for participating in the 2014 SASS® Pony Express Postal Match Championship! We hope you had a great time shooting the stages. Also, thank you for contributing to the SASS® Scholarship Fund in which a total of $1300 was raised.

Top Shooters
Top Cowboy: Blackhawk Henry
Top Cowgirl: Shamrock Sadie
Top Junior: Nicked M. Good
Stage Winners
Stage 1: Quaker Hill Bill
Stage 2: Don Jorge
Stage 3: Blackhawk Henry
Stage 4: Blackhawk Henry

Stage 5:
Blackhawk Henry
Stage 6: Renegade Riley
Stage 7: Fast Eddie
Stage 8: Renegade Riley
Clean Match Shooters
Billy The Avenger
Doctor Doom
Driftwood Dan
Quaker Hill Bill
Turqoise Tony
Score Reports
Postal Match 2014 Overall Scores
Postal Match 2014 Scores by Category
Postal Match 2014 Stage Final (Top 50)
Postal Match 2014 Details – Spreadsheet

Category Winners

Category Alias State/Province Country
49’er Kiwi Witch Doctor South Island New Zealand
Buckaroo Whistlin Will British Columbia Canada
B-Western Blackhawk Henry Georgia USA
Classic Cowboy Driftwood Dan Oregon USA
Cowboy Billy The Avenger Illinois USA
Cowgirl Dusty Garnet Utah USA
Duelist El Muerto Negro New York USA
Elder Statesman Lupare Chenz Pennsylvania USA
Frontier Cartridge Tumblin Tom Louisiana USA
Frontier Cartridge Duelist Turqoise Tony Illinois USA
Frontiersman Coconino Pistolero Arizona USA
Gunfighter Cassalong Hopidy Georgia USA
Junior Boy Nicked M. Good Alaska USA
Ladies 49’er Shamrock Sadie South Carolina USA
Ladies B-Western Dixie Pistols Georgia USA
Ladies Frontier Cartridge Phoenix Rose Louisiana USA
Ladies Senior Southpaw Sadie Delaware USA
Ladies Silver Senior Dixie Bell Utah USA
Ladies Wrangler Appaloosa Amy Connecticut USA
Senior Don Jorge Illinois USA
Senior Duelist Marshal Stone Alaska USA
Senior Gunfighter Navajo Kelly Utah USA
Silver Senior Reloader Fred Oregon USA
Wrangler Quaker Hill Bill Connecticut USA

SASS Gift Certificate Winners

SASS has contributed $500 in SASS Merchandise Gift Certificates to use as prizes. These certificates are in $20 increments (allowing for 25 drawings). All participants’ names were placed in a hat and randomly drawn for the SASS certificates.

Alias State/Province Country
Ain’t Right John Oregon USA
Annie Lu Oregon USA
Bobby Steele Rakaia New Zealand
Captain Anacletus Sims Nokia Finland
Cassalong Hopidy Georgia USA
Chivato New Jersey USA
Curley Johnson New York USA
Diamond Mac Alaska USA
Driftwood Dan Oregon USA
Highland Avenger Virginia USA
J. Dalton Younger New York USA
J. Everette Swan New Jersey USA
Kiwi Witch Doctor South Island New Zealand
Lucky Luke Cottonwood Florida USA
Lupare Chenz Pennsylvania USA
Marshal Hughes Pennsylvania USA
Miss Pistol Whipper Illinois USA
Mokaac Kid Utah USA
Phoenix Rose Louisiana USA
Quaker Hill Bill Connecticut USA
Roy Mason Washington USA
Scotty Smith Centurion South Africa
Tiger Kid North Carolina USA
Ty Pepper Louisiana USA
Whistlin Will British Columbia Canada


Participants Per Location

Location # of Participants
Alaska 15
Arizona 2
Canada 4
Connecticut 6
Delaware 6
Finland 3
Florida 2
Georgia 5
Illinois 5
Louisiana 6
New Jersey 11
New York 5
New Zealand 6
North Carolina 5
Oregon 17
Pennsylvania 4
South Africa 3
South Carolina 4
Utah 7
Virginia 1
Washington 3