Membership Requirements (“The Cowgirl Way”):

Give Back…

  • Encourage ladies, regardless of their level or style of shooting
  • Encourage the development of women’s knowledge and skills of cowboy action shooting
  • Bring awareness of various shooting styles, equipment, and techniques of cowboy action shooting
  • Promote opportunities available to ladies (especially new shooters) that might help them overcome any anxieties about shooting
  • Be a dedicated participant/helper at all shooting events
  • Celebrate achievements of lady shooters
  • Encourage friendly competition


There is no membership/registration fee to be part of the Doily Gang. It’s FREE. The only requirements are to follow the Cowgirl way, as listed above.

* If you would like your Alias (Cowgirl or Cowboy) to be added to the list below (or removed), please email us at info@doilygang.comWhen you take a clinic or are an instructor, your name is added.

The Doily Gang Cowboys and Groups are listed as supporters of the concept of the Doily Gang, encouraging and supporting Cowgirls in the game of Cowboy/Cowgirl Action Shooting.


Doily Gang Cowgirls (454) Doily Gang Cowboys/Groups (85)
Abby Cass Gunslinger Grace Pearl Abe E.S. Corpus
Ablazin' Grace Haddie Hawksworth Pearl E. Sweetea Bitter Root Jak
Adara Rose Hail Hot Mary Pearl Starr Blackjack Zak
Agarita Annie Hail Mary Pegge Lu Bo Dacious
Aimless Gab Half-A-Hand-Henri Penny Ante Bulls Head Bill
Alchemist Belle Happy Valley Harlot Petticoat Pony Burt Blade
Allie Mo Hattie Mae Rush Phoenix Rose Cassalong Hopidy
Alpine Lil Hawkeye Gin Pinky Pistols Choco Kid
Amber Oakley Hawley McCoy Pistol Crystal Christian Mortician
Amorous Ali Hazel Pepper Pistol Packin Kathleen Chuckaroo
Amy Kane Helen Havoc Pistol Packin Pami Colonel Dan
Angela Bellarose Helena Handbasket Pitch a Fit Confederate Colt
Anita Margarita Hellfire Hattie Poison Oakley Cuarteles Kid
Annabel Lee Hey Moe Poky Okie Curley Fryes
Annabelle Bransford Hey Sugar Pozo Polly Deacon Hicks
Annie Aces Hey You Prairie Storm Deadwood Stan
Annie D Vine Highland Scottie Purdy Sharp Desperadon Don
Annie Heim Pepper Hilda Billie Purity Gold Deuce Stevens
Antelope Ann Honey B. Quick Queen Foraday Diablo's Pistolero
Appaloosa Amy Honey Bunny Queen of Bling Dirt Merchant
Ara Tiest Honey Gun Querida Doc Kemm
Arctic Annie  Honey Hold This Rainbow Dancer Drake Robey
Aspen Filly Hot Tamale Raindrop Renegade Dun Gamblin'
Audacious Annie Ima Lotatrubl Rattlesnake Kate El Lazo
Auntie Emmy Ima QuikShot Raven Madd El Muerto Negro
Aurora Celeste Indiana Jackson Renee Rutherford Fast Eddie
Avocatessa Ivory Renegade Roper Grizzly Dave
Awful E. Nice Ivy Hills Riverboat Annie Gun-em-down
Babe Ivy Wild Roma Jane Harmon Hammer
Baby Doll Blue Jackalope Jane Rosa de Sacramento Hipshot
Baby Jane Doe Jackpine Annie Rough Cut Ruby Hired Gun
Bank Robbin' Robin Jane Deere Rowdy Robin Hot Lead Lefty
Bdoc Janey Wales Rowdy on the Road Hud McCoy
Becky Parson Jersey Sue Roxy West Irish Dan O'Shootem
Belinda Belle Jesse's Sister Ruby Jewel J. M. Brown
Bella Coola Jessie Mae Mucho Ruby Rae J.P. Harra
Bella Spencer Jewels Cartwright Ruby Rawhide Johnny McCrae
Belle Jirafa Velocidad Ruby Redsmoke Judge 'm All Duncan
Belle Evans Josie Grace Underfyr Ruger Rose Judge Roy Bean
Bertie Winchester Justice Lily Kate Running Doe Knot Hardly Dunn
Better Half Kaimai Kate Saddle Vamp Korupt Karl
Birdie Cage Kalamity Horseshoe Sage Chick Krazy Kajun
Black Hills Barb Kalamity Kae Sagebrush Sal K-Town
Blackjack Bell Kanada Girl Sammy Jo Lake City Kid
Bloomin' Yankee Kandi Sandia Lash Toru
Blue Eyes Kan-do Kate Sandy Charm Lassiter
Blue Hare Kansas City Sneed SASS Kicker Lazarus Longshot
Blue Ridge Betsy Kap Gun Karen Sassy Boots Mad Dog Mean Malone
Bo Darlin Kassidy Kate Sassy Dancer Marshal TKD
Bonfire Kate Cartwright Sassy Lassy Medicine Creek Johnny
Bonnie B Good Kathouse Kelli Sassy Lucy Most Wanted
Bonnie MacFarlane  Katie Belle Sassy Parilla No Limit
Book Cliff Sally Katie Scarlett O'Hara Sassy Southpaw PaleWolf Brunelle
Boosey Babe Kay Sadeeya Sassy Swede Red Cent
Bronco Joan Kil R B Sassy Teton Lady Red River Ray
Buckeye Juice Kissin' Carol Savvy Cindy Rhsty Heatmore
Bucksanna Kitty Carbine Scarlett Darlin' Rider in the Sky
Buckshot Baby Kota Khaos School Marm Risin' Outlaw
Bunchquitter La Bella Dama Sans Merci Scirocco Rowdy Bill
Burnt Bacon Lacey D'Oyly Serenity Sgt Hochbauer
Buslin' Belle Lacy Anne Leather Sew Cantina Shanley Shooter
Cactus Kate Lady Dakota Shady Rose Sinful
Calamity Allie Lady Esmay Shameless Hussie Sixgun Schwaby
Calamity Annie Lady Gambler Shamrock Sadie Slick Henry
Calamity Jill Lady Gator Shez A. Pistol Slingin' Sam
Calico Blue Lady Lopez Shirttail Bess Smokestack
Calico Calie Lady Rimfire Shootin' Sharyn Tex
Calico Jan Lady Smith Shoulda Shotem Three Cut
Calico Mary Lap Dog Sierra Sage Sue Utah Bob
Calico Sal Laurie L'Amour Sierra Sawbones Wabash Valley Slim
Cascades Annie Lawless Lill Silver Fern
Cassidy Jane Lead Astray Sue Singin Sue The Dooley Gang:
Cat Ballou LeAnnie Oakley Single Rose    - Amos Moses
Cayenne Kay Leia Tombstone Sister Sarah Carnegie    - Bois d’Arc Jean
Cereus Sue Leverin Lucy Sixgun Sallie    - Buffy Logal
Chat Away Jan Leverin' Lucy Sketchy Sue    - Honey B. Graceful
Chee-Ee Lil McGill Slick's Sharp Shooter    - Mamaw Beene
Cherokee Cass Lilly B. Haven Slingin' Sam    - Mountain Pop
Cherokee Gal Lily Bleu Slipnoose    - Nuttin’
Chica Lily Rose Slo Mo Steph    - Red Dooley
Chula Kat Lily Rose Leadbender Smokey Mtn Marsh    - Ringo Fire
Cimarron Lil Little Heifer Snapshot Annie    - Shotgunner
Colorado Aspen Little Hermana Snapshot Sandy    - Slim Jim
Colorado Honey Little Jersey Jo  Sonora Blaze    - T-Bone Dooley
Complicated Lady Little Louise Southpaw Sadie
Cooncan Little Mama Sparkle Gal JEDI Council:
Copper Starr Little Red Sure Shot Spinning Sally    - Badlands Bud
Cotton Tail Little River Lady Spur Broke    - Jed I Knight
Cowgirl Kenzie Lizzy Mae Squirt Gun Miss    - Possum Skinner
Crazy Little Woman Loco Linda Stumble Leena    - Widder
Cruzan Confusion Longhorn Lizzie StuntGirl Taj
Crystal Creek Chris Longshot Lillian Sue Demonas
Cuarteles Kid Lorelei Longshot Sue Hell No
Dahlin' Louisiana Lady Sunflower Sue
Daisy Jane Lucy Trigger Sunny Jo
Dakota Wild Kat Luna Tick Sunshine Marcie
Dalton's Darlin Luscious Lorraine Susan Sophia Hays
Dancin' Angel Mad Cat With a Gun Swearin Jen
Dang It's Darlin Madame Anne Bonney Sweet Anne
Darlin Dakota Jo Maggie Darlin Sweet Cream
Darlin Dianmondback Mame Sweet Lil
De De Deguerre Manny's Granny Sweet Trouble
De One Stone Marie Laveau Sweethoney Suckle Rose
Diablo Deb Mar-Lynn Swegian Lady
Diamond Blaze Mattie Jean T.N.Tina
Diamond Hustler Mean Michelle Tac Hammer
Diamond Jay Meaner N Me Tejas Red
Diamond Kate Medicine Woman Wiki Tennessee Tall
Dimpled Darlin’ Misfire Maggie Tequila Sassy Sue
Dixie Bell Miss Barah Lee Misditt Tequila Trish
Dixie Deadeye Miss Becky Texas Tiger
Dixie Pistols Miss BJ Thief River Annie
Dixie Rebel Miss Caroline Tillie Dyes
Doc Barium Miss Cubbie Tin Lizzy
Doc Slick Miss Elaineous Tombstone Annie
Dodge City Dixie Miss Gypsy Bell Tootsie Pop
Doe C.Doe Miss Hope Trail Wench
Dogwood Annie Miss Kitty Trigger Tillie
Dolly Cottonwood Miss Kitty Morris Tripod
Doom's Darlin' Miss Kitty Russell True North
Doxie Mea Azwell Miss Lizzie Schrum Truly Goode
Dr. Slick Miss Quill Tullamore Dew
Dragon Dix Misty Moonshine Tumbleweed Rose
Dream Chaser MoBetta Turquoise Queen
Dusty Garnet Molly Magoo Twilight Lil
Dusty Lady Morning Glory Two Sons
Echo Meadows Ms Laurie Darlin Two Step Net
Elpaso Susie Ms. Jewel Unarmed Bandit
Emma Goodcook Mt. Zion Gypsie Union Belle
Evergreen Rose Mustang Toni Velvet
Fancy Filly Myra Venge Velvet Glove
Fancy Free Myskal Violet Cassidy
Fancy Free Spirit Nanny Oakley Violet La Rue
Fannie Oakley Nantucket Dawn Vixn With Vaqueros
Fanny Fitter Navajo Annie Waddell Red
Fast Draw Fawn Nevada Blaze Wanderin' Rose
Fast Phyllis Nevada Skye Whirlwind Wendy
Frisco Frankie Never Metta Stranger Whiskey Mae
Foxy Filly Nightingale White Angel
Gall Dixie No So Dead Eye Maverick Wichita Belle
Georgia Gypsy Notorious Eunice Wild Josie Basset
Ginderella Nurse Bobbi Wild River Rose
Ginger SASS One Eyed Jane Wild Willie's Whiskey Woman
Ginger Vitis Opal Annie Willa
Granger Grannie Ophelia Payne Willa B Ornery
Granny Annie Ottercreek Annie Willow Thompson
Granny Kathy Owl Eye Olga Winchester Mariah
Granny One Shot Paddy Wack Witch Doctor
Great Speckled Body Painted Filly Wronggun
Green Eyed Indian Paniolo Annie Wyoming Schoolmarm
Gunnby Patience Yukon Deb
Gunne Sax
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