A.C.E.S. Scoring Instructions (with the SASS Premier Scoring Program)

Below are links to instructions for registering and scoring shooters using the Automated Cowboy Easy Scoring (A.C.E.S.) program in conjunction with the SASS Premier Scoring program (for a large major match). The instructions are available in PDF and MS Word documents. The process includes registering shooters using the SASS Premier Scoring program, syncing to a handheld device, scoring using A.C.E.S., then syncing back with the SASS Premier Scoring program. Other topics outlined in the documents include:

  • Equipment needed (A.C.E.S. devices, Wi-Fi routers, etc.)

  • Scoring staff needed

  • Meeting with posse marshals

  • Scoring official checklist, to include the use of the SASS Premier Scoring program for reports in a major match

A.C.E.S. Scoring with iPads

ACES/SASS Scoring Instructions w/ iPads (PDF)

A.C.E.S. Scoring with Androids:

ACES/SASS Scoring Instructions w/ Androids (PDF)