Membership Requirements (“The Doily Gang Way”):


  • Encourage ladies, regardless of their level or style of shooting

  • Encourage the development of women’s knowledge and skills of cowboy action shooting

  • Bring awareness of various shooting styles, equipment, and techniques of cowboy action shooting

  • Promote opportunities available to ladies (especially new shooters) that might help them overcome any anxieties about shooting

  • Be a dedicated participant/helper at all shooting events

  • Celebrate achievements of lady shooters

  • Encourage friendly competition


There is no membership/registration fee to be part of the Doily Gang. It’s FREE. The only requirements are to follow the Doily Gang Way, as listed above.

* If you would like your Alias (Cowgirl or Cowboy) to be added to the list below (or removed), please send an email to When you take a clinic or are an instructor, your name is added.

The Doily Gang Cowboys and Groups are listed as supporters of the concept of the Doily Gang, encouraging and supporting Cowgirls in the game of Cowboy/Cowgirl Action Shooting.