2014 Postal Match Results

Thank you to all of the Postal Match volunteers, clubs, match directors, and shooters for participating in the 2014 SASS® Pony Express Postal Match Championship! We hope you had a great time shooting the stages. Also, thank you for contributing to the SASS® Scholarship Fund in which a total of $1300 was raised.

Top Shooters

Top Cowboy: Blackhawk Henry

Top Cowgirl: Shamrock Sadie

Top Junior: Nicked M. Good

Stage Winners

Stage 1: Quaker Hill Bill

Stage 2: Don Jorge

Stage 3: Blackhawk Henry

Stage 4: Blackhawk Henry

Stage 5: Blackhawk Henry

Stage 6: Renegade Riley

Stage 7: Fast Eddie

Stage 8: Renegade Riley

Clean Match Shooters

Billy The Avenger

Doctor Doom

Driftwood Dan

Quaker Hill Bill

Turqoise Tony

Score Reports

Postal Match 2014 Overall Scores

Postal Match 2014 Scores by Category

Postal Match 2014 Stage Final (Top 50)

Postal Match 2014 Details – Spreadsheet


Category Winners

SASS Gift Certificate Winners

SASS has contributed $500 in SASS Merchandise Gift Certificates to use as prizes. These certificates are in $20 increments (allowing for 25 drawings). All participants’ names were placed in a hat and randomly drawn for the SASS certificates.

Participants Per Location