The age old (oops…young) question: What should I wear?

How’s my hair? Do these boots go with my chinks? Does this bustle make my caboose look big? Cowboys….you know how to answer these questions … ”Why no dear, everything looks great on you.”

Cowgirls…here are some links for you to help you look great while your shooting and even for those fancy banquets we love to attend.

First….If you are uh-wonderin’ what is legal in your cowgirl category, check out the Shooter’s Handbook on the SASS® website (SASS Shooter’s Handbook) under CLOTHING AND ACCOUTERMENTS and under your CATEGORY. As SASS® states in the handbook,

Cowboy Action Shooting™ is a combination of historical reenactment and Saturday morning at the matinee. Participants may choose the style of costume they wish to wear, but all clothing must be typical of the late 19th century, a B-western movie, or Western television series.” … “ALL clothing and equipment MUST be worn appropriately, how it was intended and how it would have been worn in the OLD WEST or as seen on B-Western movies and television.”

Take a look at the clothing and gear offered by these merchants….

* Check out the Tifosi Seek FC Glasses (High Speed Red Fototec lenses). Here is the video on the lens technology: YouTube video: Tifosi Seek FC Glasses